Patreon - 1 on 1 Coaching

Patreon is where I host more of a one on one experience to answer and go over in depth any specific things you may need more help with, or discuss unique questions and circumstances. On the Patreon Page I have different tiers of membership.  For $12/month we can text through the app. For $50/Month we exchange phone numbers and can set up a time and talk when you need to.  Check out the Patreon link below and sign up for either.

There is limited space for the $50/month membership.  After that it does go up.

Check Out The Patreon

101 Real World Side Hustles Book

This is a book I wrote highlighting 101 side hustle/business ideas.  Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with the idea.

Each idea will be broken into valuable insights, including potential earnings, scalability options, key success factors, business operations, and additional resources.

101 Real World Side Hustles Book

Contracts and Resources

For those that do want to buy the course but just need a good rental contract, tent diagrams and other useful resources for an event rental company, check out my Etsy page. Everything on my Etsy page is already included in the course, no need to buy additionally.

Etsy Page - Contracts + More